Friday, June 22, 2012

32 today.

Today is my 32nd birthday. I'd love to say that I have some amazing life tidbits to share, or even some wisdom to impart, but I can't think of any right now. I've got my eye on the prize. Texas.

We are on a road trip to visit the friends and family that we moved away from almost a year ago. We are making the 20-ish hour trek from Virginia in a car full of luggage, guitars, and boys. It's fun and exciting and crazy. The are-we-there-yets have already started and we're just 3 hours in.

So, fancy wisdom? I'm fresh out. What I can share though is an interesting observation, a realtime glimpse into my world.

I am sitting in the passenger seat, with a camera around my neck. I am determined to take some great pics chronicling our trip. And I just made a funny discovery. My hubby and I look at the world through completely different lenses. Yeah, I probably already knew it, but today it's striking me as wildly hilarious. For the past 3 hours he's been prodding me to take pictures of city skylines and architectural awesomeness. And I can't stop taking pictures of the clouds. Yes, clouds. I'm still a dreamer.

For the record, I love that we see things so differently, because that's why we make sense. Without each other he'd be missing everything up there and I'd be missing everything down here.

Just a few miles back, Justin relented to the fact that I was more interested in the sky and pointed out a beautiful shot. I was busy typing away and had put the lens cap on. As I struggled to get my camera situated, quietly scolding myself under my breath for not being ready, he said "You're about as ready as a fifth grader getting married." To which I laughed hysterically.

Happy Friday, y'all :)

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