Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prop Shop: Chalkboard

So, it's my personal opinion that props make photos better. I'm not talking giant-show-stopping props, but the ones that add to the story. Especially if they have a little personality *wink wink. And being that I've been offering my services for FREE while I learn my craft, I don't have much of a prop budget. So, I make them. I have decided to make prop tutorials a regular part of this blog. Yay for you! And for me, because it keeps my creative juices flowin. Today's tasty morsel- this paper rose chalkboard. I used it in engagement pics, but the possibilities are endless. Don't you love it?!

Ok, so here's the deal. I started with this... a pile of craft paper I saved from a package, the cardboard box ends from the same package, a can of chalkboard paint that was hiding in my craft stash, red acrylic paint (this one's obviously totally changeable- have fun with it), paintbrush or sponge brush,a little bit of twine, a hot glue gun, and a roll of duct tape (not pictured, because it wasn't planned. super mom improv right there). If you're like me, then you need a project like this every now and then to convince your skeptical husband that all the so called "trash" that you're saving for craft projects is legit. 

First, I cut my cardboard piece down to size and painted it with the chalkboard paint. (There's two pictured because I plan on making another one later, but you only need one piece for this) I think it's helpful to note that I use trash bags as drop cloths for tiny paint projects, because once the paint dries, I can still totally use them and no one is the wiser. While the paint dried, I made the roses. (I tried simultaneously gluing the roses as I shaped them. Failed. So this is where the duct tape comes in.)
After I had about 10 of these made, I started positioning them on the frame where I wanted them. And then I filled in the tiny gaps with a couple of tiny roses. (This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need a visual, just take another peek at the finished product.)
Then... the hot glue gun. This uses loads of glue, so just get ready. I found it worked best for me to actually put the glue on the rose and then position it, not the other way around. 

Once all of my roses were glued, I just brushed on some red paint. This isn't an exact science. Actually, I loved the way it looked to just have them sort of dusted with paint. Just keep painting till you're happy with it. 
After the paint dried, which was fairly quick, I turned it over and glued a piece of twine as a hanger. I added duct tape for good measure. A malfunctioning prop halfway through the shoot is NOT how I roll. This twine totally came in handy- short enough to hide behind the frame, but long enough for the over-the-shoulder shot.

Hope this finds you making use of something useless, and dreaming up all sorts of awesomeness of your own. If you make one of these and use it in a pic, I'd love to see it!! Happy Wednesday.

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  1. it is sick how creative you are. Fave line? "convince your skeptical husband that all the so called "trash" that you're saving for craft projects is legit."
    This is cool, but I am so not least not in this sense of the word....LOL.