Tuesday, June 12, 2012

headless ninja turtle

You don't have to be at our house very long to see that it's been hijacked by rambunctious boys. Just on the walk from my room to the kitchen for my coffee this morning, I tripped over three nerf swords, one annoying race car with sound effects, and a headless ninja turtle. By the time lunch was over we had blazed through half of a loaf of bread, a pound of deli meat, and a gallon of water. I filled the dishwasher with our breakfast and lunch dishes. And the laundry... oh, the laundry. I emptied the hampers from the weekend and sorted it into 5 loads.

This is what happens when you have three sons. It is the evidence of their presence in our home and hearts.  When I go out with the boys in tow, people don't have to ask me if I'm a mom, or if I'm a mom of boys. Duh. They see it all over me and all around me. And even if I'm out by myself, which rarely happens, I don't forget the realities of my life. Atleast not for long. All it takes is a glance in the rear view mirror to see french fries shoved into the seat behind me, or a gummy bear melted into the floor mat, or the headless ninja turtle that makes appearances everywhere. When I think about who we were pre-babies, I laugh a lot. They have rocked our world.

Do you ever wonder what people see when they look at your life? The reality is this. I am more than a crazy crafter, caker, quilter, photographer. I am more than a mom and a wife, even. I am a lover of Jesus. I want His presence to ooze out of everything I do. I can't stand the thought of people hearing my life screaming anything else but Jesus, Him crucified, His freedom, His redemption. I want my actions, my attitudes, my everything, to be the evidence of His presence in my home and heart. When I think about who I was pre-Jesus, I laugh even more. And then I cry, real tears are the overflow of my grateful heart. He has rocked my world.

I hope this finds you thinking about what you're oozing. Happy Tuesday.

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